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This Qi2 car mount is cheaper than a MagSafe charger and can fast-charge your iPhone 15

A close-up view of the Qi2 car mount.
Image: ESR

A new car mount for your smartphone just launched that offers a rare combo: Qi2 wireless charging at high speeds — and at a reasonable price. The Qi2 car mount, from accessories maker ESR, offers 15W wireless charging to fast-charge your iPhone 15 and 15 Pro at its maximum capacity while you’re en route.

With a launch price of $30.99, the new car mount is less costly than many other 15W MagSafe-compatible chargers on the market. For comparison, Apple’s standard MagSafe Charger (not meant for in-car) is priced at $39. Many MagSafe car mounts (such as this one by Belkin) cost twice that amount.

ESR’s new car mount is Qi2-certified by the Wireless Power Consortium, meaning it’ll work with any Qi2-compatible device. The company states its…

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