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Apple opening up Apple Pay NFC hardware to EU financial and banking app developers

In addition to allowing low-cost side loading of apps in the European Union, Apple will also implement the ability for developers to use the iPhone near-field communication that Apple Pay uses for other banking and wallet apps.

Apple's iPhone NFC to open to third-party devs post-EU probe
Apple’s iPhone NFC to open to third-party devs post-EU probe

As part of Thursday’s announcement of details surrounding the iOS 17.4 release in the European Union due to the Digital Markets Act, Apple is opening up the NFC system to any developer who wishes to use it for contactless payments. The additions include new APIs enabling developers to utilize NFC technology in their banking and wallet apps throughout the European Economic Area.

In the EU, Apple is introducing new controls that allow users to select a third-party contactless payment app or an alternative app marketplace as their default.

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