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iPhone 15’s Ceramic Shield survives bird attack in new ad

Apple’s latest ad is “Swoop,” a 30-second spot promoting the durability of the iPhone 15 because of its Ceramic Shield glass covering.

A person wearing a yellow helmet lies on the ground holding out an iPhone 15, with a pained expression on their face. There are trees and yellow leaves in the background, suggesting an outdoor setting.
Still from Apple’s new “Swoop” ad

Like a stylized remake of Daphne du Maurier and Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” the new “Swoop” ad shows a woman being attached by a bird. She’s cycling, using Apple Maps, and it is possibly drawn to her yellow helmet.

Ultimately, the cyclist is knocked off her bike and her iPhone 15 goes flying through the air. If the footage of the iPhone crashing to the ground is a practical effect, it’s especially impressively shot.

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