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Some iPhone Users Unable to View Latest App Store Reviews

For the past few weeks, some iPhone users have been unable to view the latest app reviews left by customers in the App Store. Specifically, affected users are only able to read reviews submitted up until January 16 this year.

It’s unclear how widespread this issue is, but it seems to be very inconsistent, with recent reviews showing for some users and not for others depending on the app. We were able to reproduce the issue on iPhones in the U.S. and Canada, but not on an iPhone the U.K., while the Mac App Store does not appear to be affected whatsoever.

The issue was mentioned last week in a Reddit post spotted by Jeff Johnson, developer of the popular web browser extension StopTheMadness for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Johnson said he could see a review for his app submitted on January 20 in the App Store Connect developer tool, but he could not see it on the App Store.

Hopefully this glitch in the App Store matrix is fixed soon.

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