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Extended use of Apple Vision Pro could have adverse effects on cognition, study finds

A Stanford study of extended use of headsets like Apple Vision Pro shows that users could encounter real-world aftereffects like depth perception issues or simulator sickness.

Apple Vision Pro on display with people blurred in the background
Apple Vision Pro

Spatial computing is Apple’s self-chosen buzzword for wearable computers with passthrough capabilities. The newness of this technology means there is little information about the health implications of using such tools, but researchers are on the job.

According to a research paper published by Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, VR headsets that rely on passthrough like Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro could have psychological implications for users. While the research is meant to be more of a guideline for building the foundations of future research in the field, the results indicate users should be cautious when using these products for extended periods.

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