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Face ID might land in future MacBook Pro — and maybe even the iMac

Apple’s introduction of the notch in the MacBook Pro seemed like FaceID was imminent — but it has yet to appear. It’s clear, though, that Apple is still thinking about implementing it in the MacBook Pro, in the iMac, and possibly a display too.

Notch for the FaceTime camera on a 14-inch MacBook Pro
Display notch for the FaceTime camera

Apple files hundreds of patents a month, so it’s not guaranteed that the patent titled “Light recognition module for determining a user of a computing device” filed in August 2023 will see the light of day. And, the idea of Face ID inside a MacBook Pro isn’t new.

Most of the patent text is a dry rehash of how Touch ID works. But, Apple has some interesting tidbits inside it’s newest patent on the subject.

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