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Inside Apple Karntner Strabe: Austria’s first and only Apple Store

Situated between the Vienna State Opera and the city’s famous St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Apple Karntner Strabe is a deceptively small boutique store. Take a look inside.

Outside Apple Karntner Strabe in Vienna
Apple Karntner Strabe in Vienna

Apple Stores are always noteworthy because the company appears to spend much more time on their design than most other retail outlets. Despite them always being distinctively Apple Stores, it’s also rare now to find any two that look even roughly the same.

Instead, Apple might work to preserve a building’s original look, as it did with the 144-year-old bank it took over in Birmingham, UK. Or it could build a radically, startlingly new piece of what’s as much art as architecture, as it has with Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands store.

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