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Hands-On With the Apple Vision Pro: Unboxing, Initial Thoughts and More

Apple’s first major new product category in almost a decade launched today, with the Vision Pro now in the hands of consumers in the United States. We picked up a Vision Pro this morning, and spent the day testing it out and filming our first impressions.

Fit appointments at the Apple Store are useful because we’ve already heard of several situations where the initial ‌Apple Store‌ readings were off in terms of fit. If you’re experiencing an issue with light leakage or comfort, Apple employees can get you a new Light Seal or help you adjust the straps to get the headset working the right way.

At over 1.3 pounds, the Vision Pro is undeniably heavy, but the weight is distributed well with the right fit. It can get heavy to wear over time, but you’ll mostly notice the weight when you take it off and feel the relief of not having 1.3 pounds on your face. We’ve had some light leaking in around the nose even with a solid fit, but the displays seem to work well enough even with that little bit of light.

Putting on the Vision Pro for the first time is absolutely a “holy crap” moment because it’s such a different experience, especially with the demo that ‌Apple Store‌ employees provide. The immersive content is mind blowing, especially when digging in to your own panoramas and spatial videos.

Navigation is intuitive for the most part, but the virtual keyboard is kind of a miss. You can enter text one character at a time and that’s fine, but you’re going to want a Bluetooth keyboard for any extensive writing. Poking at the keyboard to type feels the most natural, but you can also look at the letters and pinch.

The built-in speakers are great and do an awesome job with spatial audio, but be warned that people around you can hear what’s going on so you might want to wear AirPods.

Anything you’re seeing in the real world is being relayed through passthrough cameras, so if you’re not in the best lighting, you’re not going to have the best view. Passthrough video quality can be hit or miss for this reason.

Have you had a chance to try out the Vision Pro? Let us know in the comments below. Apple’s retail stores are holding demos all weekend long, and starting Monday, you can book an appointment to get a demonstration if you don’t have a Vision Pro yourself.

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