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Apple Vision Pro is surprisingly durable in first YouTube drop test

Despite its use of heavy materials and a large glass front, the Apple Vision Pro is surprisingly durable, the first YouTube drop test video indicates.

A smashed Apple Vision Pro [AppleTrack]
A smashed Apple Vision Pro [AppleTrack]

Owners of the Apple Vision Pro will probably be keen to avoid dropping their fresh $3,500 hardware purchase anytime soon. But, just like other headsets and mobile electronics, they’re likely to take a tumble at some point.

YouTube durability tests are usually a bad indicator as to the hardiness of electronics, yet they are popular enough for some channels to spend the money on new devices and to rapidly test them just after launch. This is often observed with iPhone launches, but while some do try to be logical with their approach, many skip the scientific rigor in favor of seeing a smashed screen quicker.

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