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First teardown shows complex insides of Apple Vision Pro

The first teardown of the Apple Vision Pro has been performed, with the mixed-reality headset found to be a very complex and difficult-to-disassemble device.

A teardown of the Apple Vision Pro [iFixit]
A teardown of the Apple Vision Pro [iFixit]

A teardown of Apple’s latest hardware release is a typical event in the launch cycle, and there’s no difference for the Apple Vision Pro. Apple’s mixed-reality head-mounted hardware has been systematically taken apart, giving a good look at the inside of the company’s spatial computing platform.

The customary video and article from repair outfit iFixit isn’t a complete examination of the Apple Vision Pro, but that is apparently still ongoing. While there isn’t a “repairability” score at this time, it is certainly demonstrated that the headset is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment.

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