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iPhone 16’s New ‘Capture Button’ Rumored to Emulate High-End Camera Functionality

The iPhone 16 lineup’s new Capture Button will be able to detect multiple levels of pressure to emulate a two-step shutter button from dedicated digital cameras, according to a Weibo leaker.

MacRumors was first to reveal the presence of a new button on the iPhone 16 models called the “Capture Button” last year. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman remarked that the Capture Button will be able to record video and The Information reported that the Capture Button will add features like the ability to zoom in and out by swiping left and right on the button, and focus on a subject with a light press.

Now, the Weibo user “Instant Digital” corroborates that the Capture Button’s main function will be to trigger image or video capture, but a light press will enable the user to adjust focus. This is effectively the same functionality found on most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, where the shutter button features two stages: Pressing it down half way locks in focus or exposure and pressing it down all of the way capture a photo. The leaker added that the debut of the Capture Button reinforces the iPhone‘s pivot toward photography.

As explained in an early look at the iPhone 16 prototypes, the Capture Button will be located on the bottom right side of the ‌iPhone 16‌. It will take the place of the mmWave antenna on U.S. ‌iPhone‌ models, with the mmWave antenna to be relocated to the left side of the device below the volume and Action buttons. Non-U.S. models do not have a mmWave antenna that needs to be relocated in order to accommodate the Capture Button.

Instant Digital has a mixed track record in terms of revealing accurate information about Apple’s plans. The source was first to report the iPhone 14‘s Yellow spring refresh, Spatial Video capture on the iPhone 15 Pro, and the Apple Watch Series 9‘s minor hardware update, as well as being the only source of the only rumor claiming that the iPhone 15 and ‌iPhone 15‌ Plus would feature frosted back glass. However, they also made claims about several iOS 17 features and the release of a new iPad Air in October 2023 that did not pan out.

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