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A new Vision Pro teardown shows Apple’s incredible pixel density

A close look at the left eye display of a Vision Pro headset with several parts removed.
iFixit’s partially disassembled Vision Pro | Image: iFixit

The Apple Vision Pro has a very good display. That’s the big takeaway from iFixit’s second teardown video on the headset (with accompanying blog), as the team found the dual MicroOLED panels inside are the densest they’ve ever seen at 3,386 pixels per inch (ppi). That doesn’t quite put the Vision Pro at 4K resolution, but it’s close. (iFixit notes that the consumer standard for 4K UHD is 3,840.) This is the benefit of using MicroOLED and is also a huge part of why the Vision Pro is so costly.

Compared to other VR headsets, there’s no contest here. iFixit points out that the Meta Quest 3 sits at about 1,218ppi, while the HTC Vive Pro is even less dense at around 950ppi. And your average phone is only going to be in the mid-100s. (iFixit…

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