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iPhone 16 Plus battery life to decrease, claims dubious leak

A dubious new claim about the battery life of the iPhone 16 family says that the iPhone 16 Plus will see a lower capacity battery compared to the current version.

Opened smartphone showing its internal battery and components, with a hand holding one side.
A battery being taken out of an iPhone (Source: Apple)

Apple never quotes precise battery figures, it prefers to say more descriptively useful phrases such as “23 hours streaming music.” Once a series of iPhones has been released, though, specific battery capacities are discovered and a new rumor claims Apple is improving most of them.

So it’s possible to see what the battery rating is for any current iPhone, although sometimes there is some slight variance in test results. What leaker Majin Bu claims is that he or she has the figures for three out of the four iPhone 16 models Apple is working on.

Rumor Score: 🙄 Unlikely

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