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Top Stories: Apple Vision Pro Launch Recap, iOS 17.4 Beta Features, and More

Apple Vision Pro has been out for a week, so regular users are starting to get settled in with the new device and sharing their thoughts on it while teardown experts have been digging into the hardware.

Beyond all the news surrounding Apple’s long-anticipated headset, this week also saw more progress on iOS 17.4 and related operating system updates expected to launch next month, fresh iPhone 16 rumors, and more, so read on below for all the details on these stories and more!

Apple Vision Pro Apps to Check Out

Following the launch of Apple’s new Vision Pro headset on Friday, we shared an in-depth list of apps optimized for the visionOS operating system, from both larger and smaller developers.

Apple announced that over 600 apps have been optimized for visionOS so far, and our list highlights many notable ones, while we’ve also shared a video looking at ten of our favorites.

Vision Pro is also compatible with more than one million iPad and iPhone apps.

iFixit Shares Apple Vision Pro Teardown

Repair website iFixit recently shared written and video teardowns of the Apple Vision Pro, providing a closer look inside the headset. The headset is an engineering feat, with an array of cameras, sensors, fans, and many other precisely-arranged components.

iFixit also shared some technical details about the Vision Pro’s internal and external displays, battery pack, repairability, and more in a separate video.

iOS 17.4 Beta: All the New Features

Apple last month confirmed that iOS 17.4 will be released at some point in March. The upcoming software update includes several new features and changes for the iPhone, as outlined in our list.

Key new features include major App Store changes in the EU, Apple Podcasts transcripts, SharePlay for the HomePod, and new emoji. The update also prepares for the launch of next-generation CarPlay later this year.

Apple also released iOS 17.3.1 with a text-related bug fix.

Apple Testing Slim Camera Bump Design for Base iPhone 16

The standard iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models launching later this year could be equipped with a slim, vertical, pill-shaped rear camera bump, according to leaked schematics.

The return to vertically-aligned rear camera lenses would allow for spatial video recording on the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus. The feature is currently exclusive to the Pro models in the iPhone 15 lineup.

Apple Now Selling Refurbished 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro

Apple this week added the 14-inch MacBook Pro with the standard M3 chip to its online refurbished store for the first time since the laptop was released in November. Prices are discounted by around 15%.

Apple’s certified refurbished products are nearly indistinguishable from brand new models, in our view, so they can be an attractive choice for customers who are looking for a discount directly from the company.

The MacRumors Show: One Week With Apple Vision Pro ft. Quinn Nelson

On this week’s episode of The MacRumors Show podcast, special guest Quinn Nelson of Snazzy Labs joined Dan and Hartley to discuss what it’s been like using the Apple Vision Pro over the past week since its launch.

The MacRumors Show now has its own YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe for the latest episodes. The show is also available through your preferred podcast app.

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