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FCC commissioner cries antitrust again after Beeper Mini debacle

It’s not completely clear if a FCC commissioner understands what he’s taking about, as he calls for antitrust action against Apple for its systematic shutdown of the iMessage-on-Android Beeper Mini app.

A shot of an iPhone sitting on a table with a brick background. The iPhone shows a group chat with blue bubble texts.
iMessage is an Apple technology

The United States government has multiple antitrust investigations looking into Apple’s control of the App Store and its services — sometimes with good reason. However, as with many cases involving technology, it seems even an FCC commissioner doesn’t quite understand the Apple versus Beeper Mini nuances.

A short tirade delivered by FCC commissioner Brendan Carr, first shared by The Verge, showed exactly what actions he’d like seen taken against Apple and demonstrated how little he knew about the situation. He seems to think of Beeper Mini as a kind of Robin Hood stealing iMessage from the rich and greedy Apple to deliver it to the masses that deserve blue bubble texts.

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