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Roborock’s Q5 Pro, the best robovac for picking up pet hair, is 25 percent off

Roborock’s Q5 Pro on a hardwood floor.
Roborock’s entry-level robot vacuum comes with dual rubber brushes, which are far better at removing pet hair from rugs than single brushes. 

Our furry friends are adorable, perfect little angels in every way except for one: they can leave one hell of a mess. Thankfully, the Roborock Q5 Pro is available from Amazon and starting at $319.97 ($110 off), which is an all-time on the excellent midrange robot vacuum.

Thanks to a pair of dual rubber roller brushes and 5,200 Pa of suction power, the Q5 Pro sucks up pet hair and dirt from carpets impressively well — so well, in fact, we named it our top robovac pick for families with pets. Although it can’t empty itself or scrub your floors, its removable mopping pad does come in handy when the dog walks in with wet, muddy paws. The robot vacuum also features a massive 770ml bin with big wheels that enable it to easily climb…

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