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App Review’s sudden enforcement of an in-app gift rule catches a meditation app off guard

Insight Timer is a popular meditation app that allows students to tip teachers directly, but an App Review mistake that took over a year to catch has forced the developer to adopt in-app purchases and pay Apple’s 30% commission.

Insight Timer on the App Store
Insight Timer on the App Store

Apple’s in-house app approval system, App Review, has proven unreliable time and time again. Despite that, it is Apple’s go-to defense when it claims that the App Store is safer and better without external app marketplaces.

According to a story from TechCrunch and information from a LinkedIn post from the Insight Timer CEO Christopher Plowman, App Review is at it again. After an app update in 2022 added in-app tips to Insight Timer, was approved by App Review, and then approved for 47 additional updates across 12 months, App Review suddenly rejected the app.

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