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PlayStation Adds Support for Passkeys as Password Alternative

PlayStation account owners will soon be able to start using a passkey as an alternative to a password when logging into a PlayStation account on the web, in an app, or on a PlayStation device.

Passkey integration is set to be introduced at some point today, and users will be able to log in and authenticate their accounts with Face ID, Touch ID, or a device passcode on an iPhone.

Passkeys are considered more convenient and secure than a traditional password, with sign-ins streamlined through biometric authentication. Passkeys are resistant to online attacks such as phishing because there’s no password to steal and no one-time SMS code that can be intercepted.

Apple has supported passkeys since 2022, and passkeys are available on iOS 16 and later, iPadOS 16 and later, and macOS Ventura and later.

Many companies have been implementing support for passkeys, including Twitter, Google, PayPal, Best Buy, Microsoft, and eBay.

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