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ByteDance would rather shut down US TikTok than sell it

TikTok owner ByteDance reportedly will not sell to a US firm if it is unable to convince a court to overturn President Biden’s day-old law forcing a sale or ban.

Hand holding a smartphone displaying the TikTok logo on its screen.
TikTok may be cease to be available in the US

According to the bill signed into law by President Biden on April 24, 2024, TikTok owner ByteDance must either sell the platform to a US firm, or face a ban. The company has nine months to comply, with a possible three-month extension if a deal is in progress.

According to Reuters, four unspecified sources say that ByteDance will not either sell TikTok or divest itself from the platform. The sources say that key to the issue is that selling the platform would require ByteDance to also sell the algorithms that power both TikTok and the company’s other businesses.

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