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Unistellar Odyssey Pro review: Unlock pro-level astronomy with your iPhone from your backyard

Unistellar’s Odyssey Pro smart telescope delivers amazing results even from a light-polluted backyard — and we have the photographic evidence to prove it.

A tablet displaying an app next to a box labeled 'Unistellar, Smart Telescope Odyssey Pro' showing a graphic of the telescope.
Unistellar Odyssey Pro review: pro-level astronomy from your backyard.

Not only is the Unistellar Odyssey Pro an excellent platform for amateur astronomy, but it’s also a robust scientific platform. It’s one that co-founder and professional astronomer Frank Marchis uses himself, and we were lucky enough to speak with him about the Odyssey Pro as we tested it for ourselves.

If you’re a stargazer, professional astronomer, astrophotographer, or educator, the Unistellar Odyssey Pro offers a comprehensive package that sets up in minutes and can focus on thousands of cosmic bodies right from your iPhone or iPad. Despite its high price, you’ll pull the Odyssey Pro out nightly to discover another portion of the universe hidden from the naked eye.

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