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How to transfer files between two Macs with a cable

Even with AirDrop’s convenience for Mac users, transferring large files or navigating software incompatibilities often requires a more robust solution. Here are some options for using a cable.

Close-up of a white dongle connected to a laptop, resting on a blue surface with the cable extending from it.
How to transfer files between two Macs using a cable

Apple equips you with several intuitive methods for transferring files between Macs. These include Ethernet for straightforward wired connections, Target Disk Mode for transforming one Mac into an external hard drive accessible by another, and Thunderbolt networking for high-speed data transfer.

Using a cable to transfer files between Macs often proves much faster and more reliable than wireless alternatives like AirDrop, particularly for large or numerous files. This method shines in scenarios where speed is critical, and data volume is substantial, offering a streamlined solution that enhances your workflow.

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