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Phones are the ultimate AI gadget

A photo of the Rabbit R1 on top of a Vergecast logo.
Image: Alex Parkin / The Verge

Humane. Rabbit. Meta. All these companies and more are working hard to invent a new category of tech, one that doesn’t live as an app on your phone but actually creates room for other AI-powered gadgets. The AI gadget revolution could be huge.

So far? It’s not going great. And in fact, as Google and Apple in particular find new ways to add powerful new models to their existing products, it seems as though the big winner in the AI race might be the phone already in your pocket.

On this episode of The Vergecast, The Verge’s Allison Johnson tells us about her experiments with AI gadgets and her attempt to make a flip phone into a chatbot-toting wearable. (It worked! Kind of!) We also discuss which other gadgets might make good AI gadgets,…

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