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Why the 2024 iPad Pro, M4 or not, will finally replace my 2018 model

I’m someone who likes to replace my devices often, always getting the latest and greatest of what Apple produces. One glaring exception has been the iPad. I used to buy nearly every new generation, a trend that continued after I made the iPad my primary computer. But for nearly six years, I’ve been using the 2018 iPad Pro—a shockingly long time by my standards. And despite several new models releasing in recent years, I’ve never been enticed enough to upgrade.

Why? Because the 2018 model has worked remarkably well. Next week though, my new iPad drought will finally come to an end. Based on what’s widely expected in the 2024 iPad Pro—whether it includes an M4 chip or not—I’m eagerly ready to upgrade. And I suspect a lot of 2018 owners plan to do the same. Let me explain.