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Tim Cook teases AI ambitions & Apple’s developmental advantages

During the earnings call, CEO Tim Cook dodged as many questions as he answered about Apple’s AI plans, but did share some insights into the company’s philosophies about the approach.

Close-up of a colorful semiconductor microchip with intricate patterns.
Apple’s Tim Cook teases AI ambitions in latest earnings call

While Apple has consistently integrated AI into its devices and services, it has yet to unveil a flagship generative AI product or large language model. In statements on Thursday, Cook make it clear that Apple already uses artificial intelligence in products now.

He didn’t detail where — but that’s been made clear over the years. But, for example, FaceID uses neural networks to securely recognize a user’s face, even as their appearance changes over time, by processing and learning from various facial angles and features. Similarly, Apple Music employs machine learning algorithms to analyze users’ listening habits and preferences to offer personalized playlists and song recommendations.

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