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New iPads are close, EU App Store rules, and Apple ID’s new bug on the AppleInsider Podcast

On this week’s episode of the AppleInsider Podcast, your regular hosts discuss a change in EU rules for small developers, some Apple ID bugs, iOS 18 leaks — and of course the imminent launch of new iPads.

A hand holding a stylus over a digital tablet displaying a virtual architectural design.
Apple is due to launch new iPads on May 7

If you haven’t been affected by the peculiar Apple ID bug where it forces you to reset your password because of a security issue, then trust us: it’s startlingly more of a pain than that sounds. Especially now that Apple has the excellent but time-delayed Stolen Device Protection feature.

It doesn’t look as if Apple is going to put its hand up over that one, but it has unexpectedly caved in to the European Union. The EU itself says that the iPad should not come under its Digital Markets Act rules, but it’s going to pretend it does anyway — and Apple has said okay, fine, be like that.

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