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Siri for iOS 18 to gain massive AI upgrade via Apple’s Ajax LLM

Several of Apple’s standard system components are on the verge of receiving significant AI-related enhancements, with Safari, Spotlight Search, and Siri being first in line for the treatment.

An image with a Siri icon, Spotlight search bar, Safari icon, and Messages icon
Apple AI will make Siri, Safari, Spotlight, and Messages better

Over the past several months, there’s been various chatter regarding AI-related features bound for iOS 18, and AppleInsider has since learned some specifics on the functionality of Apple’s Ajax large language model (LLM), as well as information on features the company has been testing alongside it.

This report focuses only on information that could be verified independently through people familiar with the software. In addition to specific features, they’ve collectively shared some info on the iPhone maker’s internal AI test environments as well.

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