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An eraseable ‘Let Loose’ event logo teases a new Apple Pencil feature

Apple has changed its “Let Loose” event logo to include the ability to erase it by dragging a mouse — or presumably a forthcoming Apple Pencil — across it.

Colorful artistic rendition of an apple with a brown hand and a paintbrush, symbolizing creativity and diversity.
Users can now “erase” the Apple event logo

The “Let Loose” event already had a series of artwork logos, with the primary one including the image of a hand holding an Apple Pencil. Now that same primary image has an added facet in that first it appears as a line-art sketch as if being worked out in rough by an artist.

Then as before, it animates in to full color, including a moving hand sweeping in with the Apple Pencil to take center stage in the logo. Now, though, dragging a cursor over the logo erases it.

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