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Apple has dominated 2024 smartphone sales with iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max was the top-selling smartphone in the first quarter of 2024, with iPhones occupying half the spots in the top ten.

iPhone 15 Pro Max
iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple and Samsung are still the top two highest-selling smartphone vendors in the world, and have been for some time. On a per model basis, though, it seems that Apple’s continuing to edge out its main rival.

In a list of the top ten best-selling smartphones in the world for Q1 2024 by Counterpoint, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is in first position with a 4.4% market share. The note seen by AppleInsider says iPhone 15 was second with 4.3%, and the iPhone 15 Pro was third with 3.7%.

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