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Apple’s new Photos app will utilize generative AI for image editing

A new teaser on Apple’s website could be indicative of some of the company’s upcoming software plans, namely a new version of its ubiquitous Photos app that will tap generative AI to deliver Photoshop-grade editing capabilities for the average consumer, AppleInsider has learned.

Colorful flower-like icon with overlapping petals next to text 'AI Photo Clean Up' and an adhesive bandage graphic.
The new Clean Up feature will make removing objects significantly easier

The logo promoting Tuesday’s event on Apple’s website suddenly turned interactive earlier on Monday, allowing users to erase some or all of the logo with their mouse. While this was initially believed to be a nod towards an improved Apple Pencil, it could also be in reference to an improved editing feature Apple plans to unleash later this year.

People familiar with Apple’s next-gen operating systems have told AppleInsider that the iPad maker is internally testing an enhanced feature for its built-in Photos application that would make use of generative AI for photo editing. The feature is dubbed “Clean Up” in pre-release versions of Apple’s macOS 15, and is located inside the edit menu of a new version of the Photos application alongside existing options for adjustments, filters, and cropping.

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