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Apple adds a 13-inch iPad Air to the mix

Image: Apple

Apple has unveiled its 2024 iPad Air, now in two sizes for the first time thanks to a new 13-inch option. The company also updated the 11-inch iPad Air. Both tablets are outfitted with Apple’s M2 chip and will be in blue, purple, starlight, and space gray colors.

This is the first update to the iPad Air since Apple released the M1 version two years ago, and it brings with it some clarity for the company’s jumbled tablet lineup. Now, if you want to ogle a bigger screen without paying the premium for an iPad Pro, you can do that (and get more fun colors as a result!).

Image: Apple

The new iPad Air has a single rear camera lens, charges via USB-C, and has a front-facing camera, as before — now centered on the long edge,…

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