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Apple Introduces Logic Pro 2 With New AI Features

To go along with the new iPad Pro models that were introduced today, Apple debuted updated versions of both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. The updated Logic Pro 2 software is “smarter than ever,” delivering new experiences for songwriting, beat-making, producing, and mixing.

Logic Pro has new AI-based studio assistant features that help artists make music. Session Players expand the Drummer capabilities in Logic Pro, with Apple adding a new Bass Player and Keyboard Player, plus a Stem Splitter to extract work with individual parts of a single audio recording.

Stem Splitter is designed to allow artists to separate mixed audio into distinct parts: Drums, Bass, Vocals, and Other instruments. Separating tracks makes it easier to apply effects, add new parts, and change the mix.

“Logic Pro gives creatives everything they need to write, produce, and mix a great song, and our latest features take that creativity to a whole new level,” said Brent Chiu-Watson, Apple’s senior director of Apps Worldwide Product Marketing. “Logic Pro’s new AI-backed updates, combined with the unparalleled performance of iPad, Mac, and M-series Apple silicon, provide creative pros with the best music creation experience in the industry.”

With a new ChromaGlow feature, users can dial in the perfect tone and choose from five different saturation styles to add ultrarealistic warmth, presence, and punch to tracks.

Logic Pro is available for the new iPad models and the Mac, and it is set to come out on May 13. The software is free for existing users, and $200 for new users.

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