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Atoto S8 Pro Wireless CarPlay receiver review: great, but fragile aftermarket solution

The Atoto S8 Pro is an aftermarket infotainment system with wireless CarPlay, GPS tracking, and a pile of other features in a design with a serious weak point.

Car dashboard with a multimedia touchscreen display showing CarPlay, air vent to the left and hazard light button below.
Atoto S8 Pro Wireless CarPlay receiver review: a big display for CarPlay

Sometimes, products come to the market built to do a single, specific thing well. The Atoto S8 Pro is decidedly not that product, but it is an excellent Wireless CarPlay receiver you’ll need to take extra care with when installing.

My personal use case only needs CarPlay, but I’ve tested the other aspects of the Atoto S8 Pro for the review. There’s a fully operational Android skin running on this unit, and that includes a YouTube app, native music app, and apps in the Google Play Store.

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