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Hands-on with the new iPad Pro: yeah, it’s really thin

The new 2024 iPad Pro.
Photo: David Pierce / The Verge

Apple just announced a new iPad Pro, and at a watch party in New York City, a few reporters got to take a look at Apple’s new tablet firsthand. After holding and playing with the device for a few minutes, I can say pretty confidently that Apple’s not kidding about how much more svelte the new model is. At 5.3mm thick for the 11-inch model and 5.1mm for the 13-inch tablet, this new iPad is noticeably thinner and lighter than anything the company has made before. It’s such a big difference that the larger model, which I’ve always felt was kind of preposterously huge, feels much more comfortable to hold and use.

The new Pro’s most notable new spec, other than its waif dimensions, is the new OLED screen. It’s a little tough to make too much…

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