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The new iPads are ditching physical SIM cards

The new 2024 iPad Pro.
Not a SIM tray in sight on the new iPad Pro. | Photo: David Pierce / The Verge

Apple giveth OLED screens, and Apple taketh away… SIM cards. As spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple has removed the physical SIM slot on the cellular versions of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro models. First the iPhone, now the iPad — Apple is all in on an eSIM future, it seems.

The iPhone 14 was the first model to lose the SIM slot, but only in the US — versions sold in other countries still include a physical SIM tray. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the new iPad Air and iPad Pro; Apple’s UK and Canadian retail sites state that the new models use eSIM and are “not compatible with physical SIM cards.”

eSIM has been catching on in popularity over the past few years. Most smartphone flagships support the technology, but only Apple has taken…

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