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Disney+ Launching Exclusive Marvel Immersive Story for Apple Vision Pro

An hour-long interactive and immersive Disney+ story is coming to the Apple Vision Pro in the near future, according to an announcement from Marvel Studios. The Disney+ original is connected to the “What If…? animated series and it will be released as a new app for the Vision Pro.

What If…? reimagines events from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in unexpected ways, and with the Vision Pro experience, fans are able to step into the leading of an immersive story that transforms the space around them as they journey across realities.

There are multiversal variants of key Marvel characters, chances to learn mystic arts, and an opportunity to harness the power of the Infinity Stones. Marvel says that users will “cross between augmented and virtual reality” while going through the narrative adventure, interacting with the world using their hands and eyes.

The experience includes “breathtaking environments” of new and iconic MCU locations, with stunning visuals and support for spatial audio. There is no specific release date for “What If…? An Immersive Story,” but Marvel says that more information will be coming soon.

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