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How to master the Control Center in watchOS 10

The Control Center on your Apple Watch is a powerful tool for customizing and taking full advantage of its core features. However, it was revamped in watchOS 10 and how you get the most from it has subtly changed.

Five Apple Watch models with different straps and displays showing weather, music, date, cartoon character, and a song album cover.
Apple Watch featuring watchOS 10’s many updates and changes

The Control Center has been around for as long as the Apple Watch has, but in watchOS 10, Apple changed the way you access it on the Watch itself. Previously, you just swiped up from the bottom — now you press the flat button on the right side to access it.

Swiping up from the bottom now shows widgets. It’s a bit of re-learning for veteran Apple Watch users, but with practice the side button becomes a natural move.

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