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Apple deleted a San Fransisco highway, and not on Apple Maps

Apple’s “Let Loose” event showed commuters looking at their iPads instead of the scenery — but what they missed was a view of San Fransisco’s Bay Area that doesn’t exist.

Man smiling in a subway train holding a pole with other passengers around, some seated, others standing.
John Ternus was on a new BART railcar, but not everything Apple showed outside was real

It sounds like something Apple Maps would have done when it launched, but this time it was deliberate. Apple quite painstakingly altered its footage of San Fransisco used in its “Let Loose” event in order to create a prettier shot.

Viewers may have suspected that the Apple’s John Ternus was enthusing about the iPad from within a set instead of a real train. But the panning shot across the country from Apple Park to that commuter train was definitely fake — or at least one key part of it was.

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