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Final Cut Pro for Mac and Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 have grossly different features

Alongside the launch of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro lineups, Apple showed off updates to Final Cut Pro for iPad and macOS — but they do not have the same feature set. Here are the key differences, and things to watch out for.

A MacBook Pro and iPad displaying Final Cut Pro video editing software with timelines, clips, and audio editing features, showcasing a man singing into a microphone.
Apple’s new Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 and Final Cut Pro 10.8.

Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 is a major shift in the use of the iPad editing tool, while Final Cut Pro 10.8 is a modest upgrade. The result is two different tools with different tools, sharing the same name.

While competitors have added many AI and workflow improvement tools, such as transcript-based editing, advanced subject tracking and masking, and more, to their desktop versions, Apple seems to focus most of its effort on the iPad version.

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