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Nano textured OLED iPad Pros, crushing pianos, and Apple’s AI push on the AppleInsider Podcast

On this week’s episode of the AppleInsider Podcast, you hosts discuss the “Let Loose” event where Apple revealed a new iPad lineup, the M4 processor, and new accessories.

A person uses an iPad Pro in a Magic Keyboard attached to an external display
iPad Pro with M4 announced during Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ event

Apple surprised us all with an M4 processor in a set of iPad Pros, but it seems people were more surprised about an ad crushing various instruments into an iPad. There are new iPad Air models, including a 13-inch option, upgraded iPad Pros, an aluminum Magic Keyboard, and Apple Pencil Pro.

The tandem OLED display and optional nano texture option has seen a lot of discussion since the announcement. People are concerned about the display’s durability and feel, but hands-on experiences suggest it feels like normal glass.

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