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Apple Music launches a top 100 Best Albums list guaranteed to be controversial

Starting Monday, Apple Music is unveiling its countdown of the best 100 albums as selected by its team plus artists and industry professionals.

Apple Music's 100 Best Albums microsite on an iPhone
Apple Music’s 100 Best Albums microsite

It’s not as if Apple Music’s list of the best albums is likely to end with Apple apologizing for them as it has with the “Crush” ad. But it’s certain to be heavily criticized for it, in part because all such lists are, and partly because of what it has already revealed about the list.

“100 Best brings together all the things that make Apple Music the ultimate service for music lovers,” Rachel Newman, Apple Music’s senior director of content and editorial, said in a statement, “human curation at its peak, an appreciation for the art of storytelling, and unparalleled knowledge of music and an even deeper love for it.”

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