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Gamma Emulator Brings Classic PS1 Gaming to iPhone and iPad

Gamma, a new emulator for playing classic PlayStation 1 games on iPhone and iPad, has just hit the App Store.

Developed by Benjamin Stark, aka ZodTTD, Gamma features customizable onscreen controller skins, and includes support for Bluetooth controllers as well as wired and non-wired keyboards.

Similar to the fantastically popular Delta emulator, the Gamma app uses third-party cloud syncing services for backing up game files and save states, and also downloads game cover artwork.

Fortunately for PS1 fans, Gamma does not require BIOS files to run games, although some users have reported a few issues getting some ROMs to run smoothly, but bug fixes are likely coming soon. Stark is a veteran of the emulator field and has been making retro game emulators on mobile for over 15 years.

It’s worth noting that while Gamma is free to download and contains no iAPs (as per Apple’s emulator rules) its App Store page says that it collects identifiers that can be used to track you, and may collect location and usage data.
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