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Setapp’s EU Alternative iPhone App Marketplace Launching on May 14

MacPaw today said that its Setapp alternative app marketplace for the iPhone will be launching on Tuesday, May 14 in the European Union.

A Setapp marketplace has been in the works since February, which is when Apple first announced the alternative app downloading options that would be coming in iOS 17.4.

For those unfamiliar with Setapp, it is a subscription-based service that lets users access dozens of apps for $9.99 per month. Popular apps like Ulysses, iStat Menus, Spark, Unite, Yoink, and more are available through the current subscription service.

According to MacPaw, Setapp will provide a “carefully selected assortment of apps” across categories like productivity, design, lifestyle, utility, and more.

Setapp already offers a $12.49 subscription that provides access to both the iOS and Mac versions of apps, but EU users will be able to access Setapp apps without having to download them through the App Store. Setapp will give developers a trusted alternative to ‌App Store‌ distribution with none of the standard fees, though it is worth noting that all apps that exceed 1 million first installs per year must pay the 0.50 euro Core Technology Fee to Apple.

Apps distributed through alternative app marketplaces are required to submit to a notarization process to ensure they are free from malware, but Apple does not have restrictions on content so apps that might not have been eligible for the ‌App Store‌ can be distributed through alternative means.

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