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How Gemini’s and OpenAI’s updates play into Apple’s AI strategy

Google and OpenAI have announced significant updates for their AI models and features, creating more competition for Apple ahead of WWDC.

Abstract glowing Siri voice assistant graphic with overlapping colorful circles on a dark background.
Apple will has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to compete with Google and OpenAI

On Monday, OpenAI announced its innovative GPT-4o AI model and an all-new Mac app, while Google previewed major improvements to its Gemini software the on Tuesday. The two companies showcased a variety of remarkable features, making the market even more competitive as a result.

While Apple has seemingly fallen far behind in its AI endeavors, a partnership with Google or OpenAI could prove to be an easy way of offering generative AI features to its user base. At least rumors suggest that’s a path Apple is willing to take.

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