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How to master your Mac menubar

How to make the most of your Mac menubar by rearranging, deleting and adding app icons — with or without third party utilities.

Computer desktop with colorful abstract wallpaper and icons at the top, displaying the date and a hard drive named Macintosh SSD.
If you find yourself with an ever-increasing number of small icons on the right side of your Mac’s menubar, you can take control and manage these easily. There is a built-in facility to do this, or you can upsize your menubar mastery with third-party utilities.

Typically, menubar icons add themselves to the menubar when a third-party program that uses them is installed. There are also a handful of Apple default icons that appear on startup automatically.

Apple’s menubar icons include the time and date, where clicking it will bring up notifications; Siri; Control Center; Search, and a “User” icon which, when clicked on, will show the account you are presently in. A Wi-Fi signal strength indicator, battery status, Bluetooth control, volume and sound control, display options, Time Machine status, and a focus mode indicator are all available as well.

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