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Is Apple TV+ having a quality crisis?

When Apple first entered the TV streaming market, it came with a unique approach. It wasn’t focused on creating the most content, famously launching Apple TV+ with only a handful of shows. Similarly, its aspirations never seemed to be growing into the largest streamer. Despite mainstream hits like Ted Lasso, the service is still relatively niche.

All of that was okay, because Apple’s focus was on one thing: quality. Making the best of the best.

Some have called TV+ the new HBO. At one point, I would have agreed. Apple remarkably won a Best Picture Oscar for CODA, a prize Netflix has still never won. Ted Lasso scored back-to-back Emmys for Outstanding Comedy Series. Sure, there were stumbles too (Amazing Stories, anyone?), but overall the service’s first few years brought critical acclaim and built a strong reputation,

More recently, however, the service’s focus on quality seems to have lost ground.